Thursday, September 14, 2006

My pants are falling off of me

I'd weighed myself last week and was up 2.5lbs. My cycle's been so irregular, I wasn't sure if I picked an ill week to weigh. I have these weighing rules: morning, no food or water, no clothes, preferably after a BM, and not the week before my period. Some of those are easier to control than others.
So I weighed myself again on Monday and was down those 2.5 and I raised that to 3.5, so I am over the 20lbs lost mark since Thanksgiving. In fact, in about 10lbs, I'll be at my fighting weight of when I began dating P almost three years ago. Although far from thin, I felt rather sexy at that weight. And it means that I should still have some suitable clothing around when I get there. I didn't dress in style three years ago, so it won't matter for now, either.
As this weight has come off, I have just allowed it to happen. Most of the work was done by the thyr*xine, so I can't really take the credit, except walking had certainly helped since I'd plateaued in June after lowering my dosage. Now I contemplate having goals concerning the loss, which would add an element of pressure.
However, I sure would like it to be 30lbs by this Thanksgiving. Just for old time's sake. It would certainly cap of a year of big changes and give a positive spin to it all.
PS - got a subject line "????" email from Glen last night, but no call. I thought he'd gotten the message, but I'll have to be more direct about the not wanting the relationship thing. With the changing weather, I've had such sinus headaches for a few days that I haven't wanted to tackle much.

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Kellie said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! The only weight I've been loosing these days is from teeth falling out of my head... I'm so lovely.

Pants falling off is a good thing!

I think I'd send an email back to Glenn with the subject line "!!!!".

Ron Southern said...

It seems to me that's just where we want your pants. Just a friendly remark now, take no offense!

Cricket said...

P always said he really liked lingerie... on the floor. I'd say pants apply, too.

Shinny said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! That always makes me feel better. Somehow, somewhere over the last 2 months I have managed to lose 12 pounds without trying, it is kind of strange. I usually have to do the diet pill thing, that isn't good for you I know.

You do have to realize that he is a MAN, and they just don't GET IT sometimes. Maybe he is one of those you have to hit in the head in order for him to GET IT. Good luck.

Val said...

I hope this link works -- don't remember how I was lucky enough to stumble across it...
Went thru some old photos in preparation for embarassing a friend at her 40th B/D party -- I found one of myself in a swimsuit about 5 yrs/35 lbs ago which is undeniably HOT! (now if only I could get back to that point!)
But I must continually remind myself that it's about being HEALTHY, not a # on the scales!