Thursday, September 07, 2006

What an evening

Tonight, J managed to accidently turn over his plate of spaghetti onto the floor and to knock off his favorite snowglobe, Miss Liberty purchased a few months ago, from the bedside table. What an evening of disappointments and messy clean ups. We're going to have glitter remnants for the long term.
He kept insisting that we should take the snowglobe to WalMart and they could fix it. I replied that it's not a pair of glasses and there's no snowglobe fixing department there. He was desperate to fix this one; a substitute found online would not suit. I could just eat him.

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Ron Southern said...

What is this, a short post?! I am amazed. I may bronze it. You can ususally talk longer.

Kellie said...

Awww poor J. Accidents happen - it's a tough lesson to learn though.

Cricket said...

Ron - short, but it was a two post day, so that negated all efforts for brevity!

I don't remember the last time I did two posts in a day. To think I've felt so uninspired.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the glitter! It *never* goes away. You will be finding glitter in your socks for years.

Cricket said...

I forgot the part about him dropping his brand new bike headlight shortly before dinner. It was one of those pinch and pull and dismember yourself getting the battery case on/off gismos. The light worked when I put the batteries in, then failed to work when I got the lid on. Gallant J wanted to try opening it in my stead, could not pinch and pull simultaneously, and dropped it on the kitchen tile.

I think his growth spurt from over the summer must be responsible.