Thursday, October 23, 2008


It was bound to happen. I came out with a Real Me website and there's someone I wish didn't know.

Remember the herpes phobia Indian woman? She stayed away for about three weeks, but something got hold of her recently, I guess. Apparently she emailed my art link to a friend in India, who clicked in via Google mail. An hour later, the hysterical phobic came and looked through several pages. I believe this was Monday wee hours. Since then, she's come a number of times, including twice so far today.

She obviously has no concept of a counter. I do not like seeing her or being reminded of what she represents. I also do not like her continued knowledge of me, because my art blog includes me posting where I am painting outside with the group probably once or twice a month. I do not want to be stalked - Internet, well okay, but please not in person. I do not want baby-killer-like Herpes signs or STD cat calls.

My dilemma is letting on to her that I can see her. Should I give away that information? I really want to tell her that I can see her, with the hopes of that scaring her off. She is generally a mild person, but I don't know if she's involved friends who will buck her up to pester me.

I knew having my name on a blog would be Worlds Colliding. Any suggestions?


Aunt Becky said...

That's a toughie, Cricket. As someone who is frequently visited by people I don't want to see my stuff (well before my name was put on my blog), I've just reminded myself that anything I may have said was My Truth. And I try not to let it bother me much.

Oh, yeah, I should mention that it's my in-laws that read without saying anything. Whom I haven't always had the nicest things to say about.

But, you can always pwp if you want, or just try not to let it bother you. Easier said than done, I know. Did you say anything about her there?

Cricket said...

I knew some of you were up against similar.

I talk about paintings and exhibits mostly. The only people I mention are artists, most of whom I know.

My most recent post did include a shot of my son with a painting he did - in a salute to an upcoming teacher's exhibit.

Last week, I mentioned where we'd be painting last Saturday. I wonder if she's checking toward the weekend in order to see where I might paint this Saturday. (I have my son, so no painting will be advertised.)

The next time I know I'll be painting with the group is in about three week's time when we have a gig indoors at a store that is doing a promotion around us.

Maybe she'll be bored by then. She liked my stuff, thinks I should be juried into the local art center, but I definitely do not paint to her taste - the loud, bold people stuff her ex does. I just don't get why she's visiting and why there was a three week lag before she became obsessed. (Well, a hand full of visits isn't obsessed, but I don't have to like it.)

Also, because it is essentially my art business, I can't pwp it. And I'll be notified if she does comment, so if she says anything untoward, I can delete it. It's not like it gets that many visitors who would catch something bad. Few people go beyond the main page anyway.

Brigitte Ballard said...

You can always try to block her IP address. It totally works if you have access to that. Is your website a "website" or is it another blog?

Cricket said...

It's a blogger blog.

I don't know if blocking would be practical if I could figure it out, because it's a local blog seeking a local audience and she uses a large cable provider.

Klynn said...

You could take the passive-aggressive approach and put up a post about how wonderful it is to be able to check your site traffic and see who from around the world is viewing your (other) blog. Just a little blurb to let her know that you can see who's on. On my blog, right above my sitemeter widget, I have a title that says "I'm watching you". That might be enough to give her pause. I really hope that she (or her friends) don't try to do anything inconsiderate or even nasty.

Churlita said...

That is weird. There are a couple of people who stalk my site and since my blog is pretty personal, it can feel uncomfortable. I'm not sure what to tell you. it might help if she knows that you can see her stalking.

Yo-yo Mama said...

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

laura b. said...

I think I would probably do as Klynn suggests. Once Creepy Stalker Woman is aware that YOU are aware, I bet she would back off.