Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Nuisance

I chose this week's word because of laura b. and I elect AlienCG for next week's.

My choice was based on my not being able to finish the painting of this location due to a nuisance security guard:

The picnic table, kid, computer, trashcan, fence, and silly tree in the middle are such nuisances in trying to paint the meadow beyond. At various times, the meadow had its own reflective light show.
Sunsets are so pretty, but the impending lack of light is a real nuisance.

I loved my apple tree, but the neighbors considered it a nuisance because of the messy fruit and benign bees. I only decided it was a nuisance when it almost tipped over onto the cars from the weight of too many apples.

He's such a cute widdle nuisance.


Tara said...

Cats are a lovable nuisance. Even my mom, who never thought of herself as a cat person, has had a cat for awhile now and can't stay mad at the little guy.

Anyway, I love your house! I'm sorry the apple tree became a nuisance.

laura b. said...

A nice variety of nuisances!

I think we both deserve a medal for not featuring our children. haha!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Plenty of nuisances to keep you busy.. Maybe the tree could mysterious be chopped down and no more nuisance bees?

dmarks said...

I keep missing these until after the fact, since Evil-E is not posting for a while. I've not done any for quite a while as a result. Where is the "Saturday Scavenger Hunt" center now?

Cricket said...

I think laura is putting it at the top of her blog.

Watch at AlienCG's for next week's.

(Really it's a conspiracy against you.)

I miss E-E.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Evil-E will be returning to the land of the living soon. I cannot say anymore.

Churlita said...

I had to take a break this weekend, and wasn't able to play.

I love your photos, though. The sunset is gorgeous.

k_sra said...

I agree that cats are a lovable nuisance. A little more so in my case, becasue I'm allergic to them! wish i could see your unfinished painting. Security guards and art don't mix.

NoRegrets said...

The words 'cat' and 'nuisance' always seem to go together! :-)