Friday, May 13, 2005

My veil

Ever stick Vaseline in your eyes?

On purpose? Twice a day?

That has been my fate this week.

Funny how one morning of crusty eyes can be written off as allergies, even when I never get crusty allergy eyes. The second day, reality set in. It knew it had to be pink eye. (Yes, I know "conjunctivitis" and it is even a good biological word I can spell on my own, but moms say "pink eye.") I took comfort that I had left over Antibiotic Vaseline Crap in a tube, so no dreaded doctor's visit for me. I hope.

It officially began on Sunday with scratchiness, yet another Mother's Day gift. I began treating it on Tuesday morning when I had to call in the crud-busting jackhammer crew.

Since then, no make up, but plenty of grease pools around the orbits. Also since then, little blogging or email. I honestly dread opening Bloglines.

I've been careful and successful thus far in not spreading this to J. About two years ago, we weren't so successful. J and I gave it to each other, I forget who came first, then he passed it on to his father.

Hmmm, that might make my week a little more fun.

....Contemplating twisted plot to infect ex-husband with massive, oozing conjunctivitis....

(Yes, I know "pink eye" and it is even a good mom's phrase I can spell on my own, but deviant schemers who plan to spread fierce biological agents say "conjunctivitis.")

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DeadBug said...

Oh, do I ever sympathize, sister. I had it once where I had to be escorted to the bathroom sink in the morning because I couldn't open my eyes enough to see it on my own.