Saturday, June 11, 2005

Closer to pseudo greatness

Have you ever heard of D.avid A.llen C.oe?

I think of him as the Ji.mmy Buf.fet of middle old fashioned country music. He's a cousin in style of Wa.ylon Jenni.ngs, M.erle Hagga.rd, etc. I'm not a big fan of what I consider modern "pop country," but I love this 1970s edgy style. They lose their women and cry in their beers.

Ex and I were slated to see DAC many years ago and the fucking concert was cancelled.

See, the headliner, W.illie Ne.lson, fell off his bike and broke his thumb that week. I figure he was stoned.

Ex was brokenhearted about not seeing Willie, as was I, but I was especially aching to see DAC.

You may have heard his "Perfect County and Western Song" You Never Even Call Me By My Name.

Tonight I will get as close as I've ever been to seeing him. P and I are seeing one of DAC's main songwriters, who is a singer and stand up comedian in his own right. He's been P's favorite for years and we just recently realized how he cross pollinates with DAC.

It is kinda scary to have these same tastes, but it makes us a compatible couple. Ha!

Besides namedropping mainstream Outlaws (see above singers and lump them together) music, DAC is largely known for stuff that is so raunchy, nasty, vile (and sometimes, unfortunately, racist) that it isn't available for sale in the US. Ex got a copy whileoverseas. P, Mr. Download-All-The-Livelong Day, has his set of trashy songs put together of late.

Such as:
Itty Bitty Titties
Cum Stains on the Pillow
If That Ain't Country... it'll harelip the Pope [this one is mainstream, believe it or not]

I wish I could remember all the titles. They're sick. Sick haha lyrics, usually, to the effect of, Fuck me one more time before you leave me - you don't even have to move - I'll be really fast.

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