Saturday, June 18, 2005

For your responding pleasure

It took me a while to believe that it wasn't spam, but I don't know how an inauthentic URL could contain as the address. No, I didn't check Urban Legends and I really hate Urban Legends-using trumping people, so don't go there.

The survey:

The explanation:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is conducting an important academic study regarding weblogs. We are investigating the role of weblogs in the lives of their authors. Does your weblog make you more connected to the rest of society? Does it increase your chances of getting a job or finding information that you are looking for? To answer these questions, which are very important to our research, we ask for your help.

This is not a commercial marketing survey, but scholarly research to be used in academic publications such as journals, conferences and books. By participating in this study you will be assisting scientific research and contributing to a better understanding of how weblogs are influencing people's lives. We would like you to please fill out our short survey (about 15 minutes or less, on average).

My input:
It seems that they sent invitations to 5000 random bloggers. They request additional involvement from other bloggers, although the results from the anointed will be tabulated separately.

Ha! I'm an MIT Annointed! (Just let me believe it, huh?)

It was a simple survey taking links from your own blog and getting you to characterize them. Pretty painless.

It wasn't rocket science.

Ha! Get it? It wasn't rocket science.

(Me alone = idiot. My son's at his dad's and P won't be back for a few days. My 'likes to do stuff alone' self is needing company!)

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