Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dreaming of tennis all day....

The phone woke me up this morning. Yeah, it was supposed to be a sleep in day w/J at his father's and me not going to P's until this afternoon. Why does that never work?


The fucking taped spam call interrupted a dream I was having about Rafael Na.dal, the Mallorcan (did I ever mention my summer on Mallorca? perky brown titties - I'll leave it at that) in Tomorrow's French Open final. My dream was cozy and cuddly, b/c I am not a cradle robber even in my subconscious, I guess. Shoot.

Rafael beat Roger Fede.rer handily yesterday, quite a feat. (Fe.derer is #1 and as smooth as pudding.) Rafael has been on a roll, winning his last 4 tournaments. Incredible. Yesterday's semi-final fell on his 19th birthday. Nice present to self!

Look at the beat Fed.erer link if only to see this kid's bicep. It's all good, except perhaps his booty clam diggers. Who dresses these people? Is Serena in his house, too?

Tomorrow's final will be a youthful Latin babe-fest. Argentina's Mar.iano Pue.rta, who actually dresses like a tennis player, doesn't stand a chance, but it'll be FUN to watch.

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