Saturday, June 03, 2006

Further evidence is brought to light

[ETA Note: the videos don't come up on Bloglines. Visit Churp, Churp. It's worth it.]

In my continuing multi-media quest, I introduce additional Jason Lee sitings. He dropped out of HS to become a professional skateboarder, which he did for seven years, finally giving it up for the acting gig.

Jason Lee, blond, in Spike Jonze's Video Days (1991)

Incredible lamb chop side burns when he eeks out a tune at the end

Jason Lee, street skateboarder, in Visual Sound

Incredible jazz music he's set to

A Mallrats tribute set to John Williams

Contains humorous nudity and stuff

Jason Lee as Earl

Now I've seen it. He makes me laugh.

Here are more video links.
Fear of birds - see it for Ethan Suplee, too
Stolen Car and One Legged Girl
A Couple at TV Guide: a summary that is good and clarified stuff for me, a Golden Globes interview with Melissa Rivers where she actually shakes his hand (Yikes!), and Jaime Pressley getting the same treatment.

And a Mad TV take of with Jaime Pressley: My Name is Dubya

I feel relatively caught up for now. I am satisfied.

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