Friday, June 30, 2006

My, how generous?

I was really nice today. Yeah, yeah, you say.

As J and I went to a new park for an unsuccessful round of fishing, we saw a girl by the road waving a sign, FREE STUFF!

I am not a yard sale type. I spend too much and have no place to put it all, so I don't allow myself to go.

On our way back home, much of the stuff was still there, but the girl and the moving van were gone. I'd been eyeing the pair of pool chairs, the faux metal kind that look fancy, but are incredibly light.

So I stopped. The chairs fit in the car. They need cushions, but I can deal with having some chairs we can leave outside. If they get stolen (as I unfortunately live along a stealing pipeline machine leading to the next neighborhood over), I won't be out anything.

After I got the car configured to hold the chairs, I went back to look at something else I'd seen. Baby stuff. You full and well know how I would ignore all that crap. Jeez, I don't need indoor or outdoor baby swings, much like those cheap vases and orange trash can nearby.

But I saw this:

How cute! J could pull that infant around in the snow. J would have so much fun with it.

So I cleared it with him, then hoisted it in my little car, too. Once home, we thoughtfully cleaned it with Chlorox wipes out in the yard. When ex came to pick up J for the weekend only minutes later, I could see the surprise in his eyes. I explained that it was free and that J would enjoy using it.

And I reveled in the fact that ex would have to store it.


DD said...

It's too bad then that they weren't giving away one of those plastic picnic tables. Those things are a pain.

That was really nice of you as that will surely create some wonderful memories for J this winter. I heard the cicadas for the first time tonight, so it won't be too far off in the future.

Cricket said...

One thing I didn't say is that he could sling her around in circles, perhaps into a tree.

Kellie said...

LOL Cricket - your post cracked me up but your comment made my day!!