Friday, June 02, 2006

Your name is what?

I have developed a sideline hobby of late. NetFlix is to blame.

I already loved Almost Famous

and, really, who could see beyond the beeeauuuutiful Billy Crud-Who-Leaves-His-Pregnant-Girlfriend, but I am getting a bit anachronistic on that judgment.

And this beaut, well, he was overshadowed, in part because of his crazed character:

and I was Cruddy blind.

(However, be still my heart with these two together!)

With NetFlix as my vehicle, I decided to re/visit some Kevin Smith classics. I had not seen Clerks, but I had seen Dogma in the theater. Now I have seen Clerks (even before Clerks II comes out!) and the other over-the-top edited out final scene where he gets shot, sorry, but I liked the irony. Didn't lend itself for a 2, though.

Then I got Chasing Amy.

If anything, it reinforced that I am not a Joey Lauren Adams fan. I don't like the way her voice hovers around a screech or the way her face purses up or any of the rest of her body language. Yuck. There was one very good thing that caught my eye in that movie, tho:

And it reminded me that I witnessed his explosiveness in Almost Famous.

So I got Mallrats. I agree it is a classic. I love the variable clean-ish-shaven Banky:

I am now a Jason Lee fan.

Enough for me to actually want to see a Tom Cruise movie in order to see him again:

So, what's up with this guy?

I am guessing this is Earl. I don't watch TV, except at P's and I haven't been there since before, um, Xmas. I remember seeing previews, not the show. It got nominated for both Golden Globe and SAG awards this year.

Is the show good? Have you seen it? Does it make Jason Lee, in some existential ethereal way, look good?

He looks way too good to not look good. He has an incredible smile.

Here he is as a throw back to his skateboarding days in which he opts not to flash his incredible smile:

I wish he'd shave. Now I sound like his mother.

As for our future together,

Jason Lee will voice Underdog in Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of the classic 1960s cartoon.

His previous voice credits include the character "Syndrome" from The Incredibles. He'll appear in this summer's Monster House and has a cameo in Kevin Smith's Clerks 2. He's also set to direct a short film that he wrote which will star Giovanni Ribisi and Beth Riesgraf. [his fiancee]

Which brings us to another reason he's known these days:

Son, Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee, born to Jason and fiancee Beth Riesgraf. [2003]


DD said...

I don't know why Jason did that to his son, but I'll forgive him.

We have seen all of those movies and I completely adore him. When I get the chance I do watch Earl, but I can't when X is around. Family Friendly it is not.

Maybe it's because as Earl he looks like every man I've ever met that wasn't a pretentious and pompous prick.

Anonymous said...

a wee bit obsessed maybe? lol

Cricket said...

This is a mere harmless dalliance. I wish I had more substance to occupy my brain, but fuck he makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Jason Lee is God!