Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogging and pictures

In the last month, I've learned that a very small percentage of the people you tell/email about your blog or that you give them a card about it actually go to the blog - even if that someone knows me well or shares significant interests. If I said one in 20, it would be too high a viewership. It's closer to one in 50, tres disappointing.

Is not the rest of the world addicted to the Internet like me?

I really like the Blogger server that blog is on. It actually saves posts as they're being typed and allows for scheduling, which actually works. I desperately wish this blog's server worked properly.

It seems that the Indian woman comes by at least every other day. She checks out all links and pictures. It still baffles me. Ha! Maybe she realizes she made a mistake, because I am at least quality enough to hang out with, oh, every couple days.

This weekend I am taking an oil portraiture workshop while J is with his stepmother. Although I loathe the idea of painting from a picture, I know it's the only way I'll get a portrait of him. I'm still waiting on the supply list and instructions, but I began choosing pictures of my son to potentially use. I've learned in that past that it's important that the face be properly shadowed in order to provide definition. I'll include a couple and you can vote on your favorite. I'm not sure if the instructions will be for just a head shot or not, so I'm including both, although I probably prefer a head shot.

1) Last Day of Pre-School

2) At our Favorite Gardens

3) Making Gingerbread Houses in K

4) His favorite place to walk and play

5) Train Display with Friends

Okay, I love this picture of him, but I have a bad association with that day.

Until doing this post, I had a clear favorite, but now I'm less sure.

I like how Picasa works with Ritz and pictures come back quickly. I'll probably have a number printed - the picture, the picture w/extra shadow, the picture with more filler light, and the picture in BW. So, I need to narrow it down a bit if I'll be getting so many versions made.

I took a series of silly pictures of him back when I had my $40 digital. I wish I could use one of them. Beyond thumbnail size, they are a blur, but while I'm on the topic, I include some here because they are so cute and I've never had a use for them before.

J's all Vogue...

Don't forget to vote for one of the top five.


Val said...

Ooo! First one! I vote for #3.
[Wish I had good advice about your stalker but I'm all tapped out at the moment]

Monica Cassani said...

3 or 5...

Churlita said...

There's a guy who I had a fling with, who barely called me during the fling but obsesses over my blog several times a day now that he's found it. I think it's just easier to watch than to interact. It's more their issue. It's not that she's not interested in you, it's that she's too messed-up to have a relationship. It's weird. I thought that was a male thing, but then I've never dated women, so maybe it's all the same.

I say 3.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #1

Re: blogging... your art blog is still not showing updates on bloglines. I have been out of town for over a week and it shows no new activity. That is how I read my blogs and I rarely, if ever, click on blog links if there is no update showing.

Also, re: blogging... funny that you should mention this because a little girl in South Carolina sent me her flat stanley and even SHE doesn't seem that interested in his adventure. Makes me want to send the little fucker back, hell, if they don't care about his adventure, why should I? Blogging is time-consuming. Her family does read about once a week but they are not nearly as involved as I imagined.

I sent my family a link for my art blog once and not one of them visited - MY OWN FAMILY!

Hang in there and I can't wait to see your portrait painting!


Klynn said...

That's tough.

1 & 2 are both good shots, but he's squinting in both of them, making it harder to get a feel for his eyes.

3 is a good picture, but I have a feeling that he would cringe at how young he looks in that pic.

4 is arguably my favorite...except for his pose! If he'd been sitting up straight, it would have been perfect. I'm afraid that if you tried to crop it to more of a head shot, that his shoulders would still be too awkward.

5 is a good pic, but the winter coat might be too seasonal. (not to mention the memories associated with it).

If pressed, I guess I would have to say 3 or 4. I saw how you edited the paniting of the kitties, and I bet you could tweak any of them into a beautiful portrait.

NoRegrets said...

I'm having a hard time between #1 And #5..., but I'd say #1 because it's so real.

Cricket said...

Thanks so much for all your responses.

My first inclination is #1, because of the good shadows and realness, to quote NOR. Klynn made a good point about the eyes. I love how his eyes squint into crescent moons, but it would be hard to get in definition - and his eyes are a beautiful royal blue. Also, I really would fear doing chicklet teeth.

I may get prints done of 1, 3, and 5 to take to class. I really like 4, because it's a great land/seascape, too, with the poles and bird being cool, too. Yet with that one and others, what is here is already blown up, so I fear the quality if I tried to trim more.

Churlita, I don't think dating matters a lot with gender, not what I had hoped. Women are just as screwy. And I know she has too much time on her hands.

J, I'm sorry to hear you've experienced the same with visitors. My comment applied to family as well. This weekend, I told a former teacher and said I referenced/linked to her. You'd think she'd be very interested, especially b/c she hasn't seen my work in probably two years.

That said, I was recently on the phone with a guy I'd gone out with over the summer and he asked about the blog, went to the blog, was viewing the blog as I was checking stats, and he didn't show up. I know other times that people didn't show up.

Sorry about Flat Stanley. I wonder if you install an email notification widget and get them to subscribe, if maybe they'd be more active with it.

I don't know what to say about the notification. I subscribed and mine comes, but it isn't very timely, as in days removed. Maybe you could do an email notification, if you wanted, until I figure something out.

laura b. said...

Sounds like you're all set on votes...good thing, because I think they're all really nice shots and could make lovely portraits.

Ron Southern said...

I like #3, though the first one is good, too. Is 3 more handsome, and 1 more cute? Can't tell. You'll go crazy if you try too quantify or sequence their appeal.

brite69 said...

I really like the first one. Pre-school seems like it was so long ago and just yesterday at the same time.