Friday, February 03, 2006

41 and up the duff?

Is Liz Hurley pregnant?
British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley has been spotted leaving an antenatal clinic in London, sparking rumours that she is expecting baby number two.
Liz admitted recently that her boyfriend of three years, Arun Nayar is desperate for a child of his own and that they would be working on that very soon. The Estee Lauder model is already mother to three-year-old son Damian Charles, whose father is Hollywood producer Steve Bing.


Liz's DOB is b. 10 Jun 1965, so she's turning 41 this year. In medical terms, she's possibly already 41 b/c of her potential EDD. I wish stories of this would inspire me more than depress me.

I'm curious about the British definition of "an antenatal clinic" and whether that would be:
  • a GYN clinic,
  • an OB clinic, or
  • an RE clinic?

Maybe she was just going for her annual pap?

[Do you think I read too many of the gossip blogs perhaps?]


DD said...

If the tabs are going to start a rumor, why don't they make it a good one? Maybe she was there in support of her 17 year old illegitimate daughter, herself knocked up for the 2nd time, and now expecting twins, which Liz intends to become the foster parent of one of the babies. I mean really, use a little imagination!

Anonymous said...

Antenatal clinic = where you go when you are pregnant.

The bitch.

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt said...

I think the bigger question is about Princess Caroline, pregnant at 49! Do the royals use DE, affecting the royal linage - or does her commoner background allow it? I am just happy for her, but the debate grows on the TTC over 40 boards!

Anonymous said...

Inspiration, yeah, let's get right on that.

Isn't it weird that all the pretty people can get knocked up when they want, but it doesn't seem to work that way for the rest of us? Assholes.