Monday, February 20, 2006


How does one spend President's Day when stuck at home with a kid out of school? To me, that means taking a nap or something. To Kid, that means coming through on the trip to Chuck E. Ch33se I've been putting off for a few months and to see all the other crazed fools out of school, too, competing for seating and places on the games.

I'm good on my word, but I made him work for it. I'll post more of the juicy details later, but his next school project is due in a week and he has much practicing to do. He had to run through the whole talk twice before going and once there, I would only give him 10 tokens at a time, then he'd have to come back to do parts of his speech. What a system! It actually worked and made the whole ordeal less an ordeal. Three hours felt like, say, two!

I'd hope for the ever-requested gifts (a picture of J and I together) for the grandparents to work out for a mere token each, but I should have known it was too good to be true. That cheap ass printer spoiled my gift to my mother, but she'll get it this way anyhow. And appreciate it, dammit.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture, sans the blur going down the middle! is that what your printer did?

Both of you look so happy!

Cricket said...

That was the cheap CEC printer gadget - what do you expect for a token, eh?

I think it means that the thing in the printer didn't get hot enough for the drawing to transfer.

I really do wish it had turned out.

Anonymous said...

Aww Love it!

DD said...

You know what X says about Chuck E's?

"Chuckie Cheesus...that rhymes with Jesus!"

And I think the pix is just fine. It shows two very happy faces, and that's the most important part.

Anonymous said...

You guys are both gorgeous, cheap-ass printer be damned. And the "frame" is hilarious.

DeadBug said...

It is so nice to picture in my head of the two of you now, even if the picture is black and white and bordered by The Cheese. You both look wonderful.