Friday, February 10, 2006


At 43, Elizabeth Varg4s is expecting her second child. The first is 3 years old. ABC is worried about running out of anchors, given the injuries of Varg4s' co-host, B0b W00druff.

With her just taking over the co-anchoring job last month, one would think that this pregnancy is not IVF-induced.

I read stuff like this and I wonder if there is still hope, but I'm pretty good at dashing such away rather quickly.


Donna said...

I heard about this too. Not only did she just take over a high-stress job, but here husband was involved in a car-jacking a little while ago and was shot. Not exactly perfect timing. I don't understand how someone else's success has anything to do with anybody else's success...maybe I'm just too jaded.

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? Well, somebody must've told her to *RELAX*. Or not.

Sometimes when well-knowns get pregnant like, I wonder how much damage it does the rest of us, because then people are all, "so and so did x, and she's 43!"

Cricket said...

Rather than having the same implied on me, I worry about something else. I worry about the folks who believe this stuff is the norm. My 46 yo neighbor is still waiting for a relationship to work and yet she says she wants to have children, but is doing nothing to pursue it. When I say "have," it is as in getting pregnant the easy way.

Democrat that she is, she pointed out Elizabeth Edwards, who had babies at ages something like 49 and 51. When I exclaimed to my very thrifty/practical neighbor that it is likely that EE used donor eggs, my neighbor just shut up and shut down. She'd never considered the idea that children are gotten other than the easy way.

Stories like EV's fool the denial-oriented into denying further. That's what I hate.

Further, I don't think EV's fortune robs me of fortune. What I don't like is that her fortune can trick me into thinking that my fortune might fall that way, too.

chris said...

Oh hell, I thought the same thing.

Damn her, anyway. Rich, beautiful and a natural pregnancy. One can only hope that she's forced to listen to that awful "Walking in Memphis" over and over again. That would make up for some of her good fortune.