Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras, Boobie Style

It's Fat Tuesday! Celebrate!

Yes, even you, Betty White...

My observant readers, do you notice anything about these ladies?

Bud and Betty have something in common: hypoplastic (but not too bad as there is some breast tissue), tubular / tuberose breasts. Betty still has yourthful pert cones in these pictures, while Bud's have fallen a bit. Notice the full, puffy nipples.

Look at the short, flattened fold under the constricted breast of Bud vs. the nice, long semi-circle of Er. It is interesting and telling viewing the differences next to each other, bug eyes aside.

I applaude them all and appreciate them for assisting with this valuable teaching tool.

Hey! World! Tubular breasts are pictured online and it's not even at a plastic surgery site!

Thanks to Perez Hilton for posting Betty... and for thinking she's hot. Plus kidos to my mother for sending me titty shots, even if she didn't know the full meaning.


Anonymous said...

Wow, boobshots of Betty White. Who knew?

Ron Southern said...

I LOVE Betty White! Photos of her after she'd gotten a little matronly would still be considered hot by me; bring 'em on!