Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Flix in the mail

Finally reaching the new millenium, I just joined NetF1ix last week. They suggest you put up to 10 in your Queue for starters.

We've received 2 movies already with speedy viewing and return mail services as well as a handy distribution center in the area, however, I have 126 in my queue waiting to visit us. 126! There are more than 126 movies I want to view in the comfort of my home. Mind boggling.

I did the one-at-a-time membership version, b/c I'm so prone to losing stuff, but I figure I/we can watch 2-3/wk. The holiday Monday threw us with shipping, damn. In terms I don't quite grasp completely, the anticipated movie schedule would last me an entire pregnancy on bedrest before I'd have to order again. Lucky girl, I am.

It is astonishing to me how many movies I want to see and how many of them are with 4-5 stars. There's only about one or two with a borderline hazy, not-quite-complete 3 stars.

I made myself choose movies I hadn't seen before, except I made a solitary exception. I want to see Napoleon Dynamite one more time. And I want my son to see most of it. He's good at covering his eyes when I tell him to.

Y Tu Mama Tambien arrives tomorrow. I'm psyched. Can't believe I missed it in the theaters. Gonna make up for it soon, my Gael.


Kellie said...

Netfl*x is SO addicting. We've been doing the 3 movies at a time thing since last August and totally love it. It's turned into a cool family thing picking out a movies for the weekend. My only complaint - I hate "no mail" days like Monday. hehehe

EJW said...

After you finish watching Y tu Mama Tambien, let me know. I have a funny story about it, but telling you now would ruin the end.

DD said...

Am I the only soul on the planet who doesn't have this..., this..., marvel of modern media?! Maybe it's because I have to be in bed before 9:00 or I can't function the next day, which leaves me less than 4 hours to order my husband around at night.