Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Thursday, Another Thirteen

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Thirteen Useless Things about why I hate Yahoo's new tool bar

1. I did not want it. It somehow magically downloaded itself.
2. It takes up room on the screen.
3. It has a bunch of useless crap on it.
4. It has a Yahoo seach. Who the fuck actually uses Yahoo to search?
5. The only thing potentially useful on the whole thing is the mail notification.
6. The mail notification comes up with a number when friggin junk mail goes into bulk.
7. The mail notification is wholly inaccurate.
8. The mail notification will indicate over and over the last three emails I already read, but I'm on to that now.
9. The mail notification will indicate over and over the last one email I already read, but it gets me every time because I think that one is new.
10. Because I always have multiple windows open going to different regular places, the mail notification on all the other windows is always wrong and misleading, too.
11. Because I can forget which open window I used to check the mail, I never know which mail notification icon is right.
12. So I go check Yahoo mail again; the tool bar costs me more time and energy than if I just periodically went to Yahoo to check my mail in the dated, old, traditional way.
13. And the main reason I hate Yahoo's fucking new tool bar: I am just pretty fucking cranky these days.

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Carmen said...

I work for a big company that wants to institute a tool bar, and I keep telling them that they are annoying, but no one listens. You could probably find it in your programs list and delete.

Kellie said...

Excellent list - I hate that fluffing thing too.

Anonymous said...

I don't like it either.

Drop by my T 13 and find 13 newly designed banners/headers for the taking!!!

Red Queen said...

The cure for cranky- open up those bins of fabric and start cutting and piecing- those motions will comfort and sooth- promise. Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed.

Thalia said...

I agree, I totally hate it and I am outraged that it installed itself. I've managed to uninstall it - there's a folder somewhere in your browser program files called yahoo. Get rid of that whole folder and yippee, the toolbar is gone.

Christina said...

Ugh, I hate it when things magically download themselves without my consent. It makes me rather grumpy.

Mama Duck said...

Ugh, what a pain! Hope you get it uninstalled soon!

Anonymous said...

Most of the search tools download their toolbaars if you install their IM or other services. They are a pain.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when stuff installs or updates itself too, especially when I don't want it. I feel your pain.

Hope your day gets better :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there. I hate the new mail with beta. I switched back to the old way. If I wanted the new mail, I'd use MS Outlook.

Trish Ess said...

Any additional toolbar is annoying. My boss is always surfing somewhere and they keep magically downloading onto the computer and I have to remove them 'cause he starts whining about how slow the internet is getting and wonders why all the pages are loading so slowly. /sigh/

Anonymous said...

LOL I totally agree. I keep turning the tool bar off and the next time I open up IE (which isn't often) it pops up again and takes forever to load. Might not be so bad if it was smaller and faster but it ain't.

marsena said...

I wonder if anyone's ever done a study on how much time we spend cursing our stupid computers? I hate it when the thing sits on my desk, whirring away when I'm not doing anything! It's a scary thing...