Monday, June 19, 2006

J will never want to fly away again... Have you seen Boom Boom?

Lost Dog

6/18 from Apple St


2 year old male Sheltie with microchip

555 555 5555


ETA: Thanks so much for everybody's concern.

We put out 25 color flyers this afternoon. We went to 4 vets' offices nearby, including his own. We posted a couple in the nearest pet stores. We put some in shopping center. A lot went out on the road their street comes off of, then some went in the neighborhood near their house.

Ex is very grateful for me doing this. Boomer's special to me, too, so it's the least I can do.

Funny, as we were out, J commented that he's glad I'm doing this, because he knows his dad would never do it. I guess I've earned me some much needed brownie points. When I told ex J's opinion, he said J's earned himself a future konk on the head. (But J's right!)


DD said...

Oh, no. I hope Boom Boom decides quickly that there's no place like home.

Kellie said...

Oh you gotta be kidding - that is horrible! I hope you get him back right away. I'm so sorry!

Cricket said...

Boomer is J's dog at his dad's.

Ex and his wife left on Thursday, going south on business before visiting his mother. A friend stayed at their house Thursday and Friday, then another friend checked on Boomer at lunch on Saturday, but nobody checked him on Sunday. I wish they had asked me.

Boomer has a door to go in and out. He is a wonderful dog. He is much too little to jump the fence and he's not a digger, so he didn't go under. Ex thinks somone took him, because the gate was latched. It's logical, but also ballsy. They left two cars in the driveway, so the house didn't look untended.

J always comes home on Monday mornings and crawls in bed with me. This morning, he had no words and I just thought he was super tired from the trip. When he woke up an hour later, he told me, completely despondent. I told him we'd do flyers after he gets home at 1:30. That perked him up. He made me promise to get the ink and sheet protectors while he's at school.

I am presently printing flyers. I'll get him to load them in the protectors. We'll tape them to posts and go to the stores in the nearby shopping center.

I really hope we find Boomer, but I have my doubts. If anything, maybe the microchip will help down the road.

Donna said...

How heartbreaking! Any updates?

Well-heeled mom said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I know too well how much the fur kid mean to the non-fur kids.

Shinny said...

How awful! Poor Boomer and poor J.
I hope they find him soon. Good luck. I will let you know if I see him in Wisconsin. ;) You never know.