Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thirteen DVDs on the half shell

Thirteen DVDs I've watched recently:

First I'll say that Spellbound, 2002 is in the hopper. See, my friends, we got our first shipment for my newly upped NetFlix trio of shipments. I'm loving it and it needs to sustain me because our little video store that I loved nearby is now closed. Bummer. But as long as the USPS doesn't go belly up, I'm good.

Talk to Her, 2002 - I like foreign flicks; this was so sweet and so strange; the director's commentary was juicily psychological rather than being technical.
Valiant, 2005 - A couple minutes of repeat exposure; love that Ewan McGregor sounding all chipper and innocent.
The Mummy, 1999 - J and I watched this together; for as chicken as my non-risk-taking son is, he loves a scary movie.
Vanilla Sky, 2001 - This movie sucked; Jason Lee was a parody of his cranky self.
Mumford, 1999 - The redeeming factor is that Jason Lee is a parody of his skateboarder self; not much else is remotely redeeming, not even Hope Davis.
The Secret of Roan Inish, 1993 - As much as I studied Joseph Campbell-y stuff in graduate school, I am still not a big fan of myth - I appreciate it and it's existence, but it just doesn't get me excited.
Eulogy, 2004 ... again, not that it's great, but it's easy.
Mallrats, 1995 - all I can say is finally.
National Treasure, 2004 - I like sharing action adventure with J and this had a good dose of history, too.
Memento, 2000 ... again, although it is great and Guy is so easy on the eyes.
A Cool, Dry Place, 1998 - I believe I mentioned that, even as a Vince Vaughan fan, this movie left me empty; I am not a Monica Potter fan and I am even less a Joey Lauren Adams fan. The parallel to my own life - the deserting mother comes back to claim the kid and the father fights hard, but relinquishes - well, it hit close to home.
Broken Flowers, 2005 - Which fucking one was it? The ending doesn't have to be tidy, but give me something!
Around the World in 80 Days, 2004 - Jackie Chan is hilarious. This was J's first exposure and he loved it, too. I wish so much I could share the Shanghai duo with him.

Oh yeah, one other I bought - Bonus 14
All or Nothing, 2002 - This sucked, so I think I wanted to forget I saw it. Mike Leigh doesn't script his films and the result is a bunch of British bumbling and mumbling. Alas.

Another bonus - now playing, so seen on the big screen ... Wordplay starring (briefly) fellow blogger Orange Tangerine. It's a good indie flick to see in the theaters right now.

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Margaret said...

I've never seen any of these! I definately will have to try out '...80 days' for sure. Great list! -Margie

DD said...

I'd say I've only heard of 1/3 of these titles. I am flabbergasted that you just now have seen Mallrats! Tell me you've already seen Clerks?!

Cricket said...

Yeah, DD, I've seen Clerks - the month before. I'm lame, but I'm catching up. TG for NetFlix.

Lisa said...

I don't think I've seen any of these! You surely do have a diverse list! heh
I'm glad you wrote some commentary next to it and it wasn't just a list of movies. :)

Have a good day!

Kellie said...

You gotta love Netflix! Honestly, I'm not sure what I did before I found it... I'm guessing I did stuff like cook and clean! Thanks God for Netflix!

Word verification: asilum - was that a hint?

Orange said...

I loved "The Secret of Roan Inish" myself.

And thanks for the "Wordplay" shout-out!