Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another installment

Married for sure and she announced it everywhere she could. She's made it easy to track her. She has a myspace page, but her blog portion is private. It has gushy little entry titles, though.

Her 'about me' is pretty thorough, saying she has kids and likes motorcycles, tattoos, football, and P, with him as her best friend and lover. She said she was glad she finally informed him of her HS crush. (I must mention that P probably really loved that part because everybody REALLY loved his older brother and he was rather overlooked.)

Evidently she makes pretty decent money, if her income line was to be believed. She lists her entire work career with names and locations. Again, too easy, but also seeming to verify her income level.

I found her on two other pages, but they haven't been updated recently. I still have more myspace research to do, as she mentions brothers and kids with bands having their own sites. I'm sure L is loving that - bands, alcohol, cute boys.

I did not want to sign in to be able to see her pictures, but she did have two pictures posted in various places.

Let's just say she looks rode hard and put up wet. She is an obvious smoker and drinker, bleached blonde hair with a bit of a hefty bod. She looks like she is a redneck living in a trailer, particularly if the interior photo is to believed. She even had a big 'hell yeah' to the "have you gotten drunk in the last month" question.

I have her email address, so will roll that in my hands like a precious jewel, maybe like a 1 ct diamond set in platinum that I truly need to hock now. She's such a Chatty Cathy online, I think I could prod anonymously/fakely and learn more. My only real question is when they started up. From one of her sites, with a previous log in date of a year ago, she had the address that was the same as the Italian last name guy, so maybe that wasn't bad info. She said she was in a committed relationship then, but I don't see how it would have been P last February. I suspect she had a big break up then moved to WS2 and she and P crossed paths somehow.

From the looks of things, she and P are very well suited.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry.
That must still hurt.

Kellie said...

You could look at this as a compliment - maybe P loved being in a relationship so much that after he lost you, he quickly wanted to be in another.

I find myspace pages to be rather obnoxious - I don't like the layout and childish front. Most are pretty non-believable and who the hell states their income on a webpage? Idiot.

That said, I'd be happy to set up an account and try to befriend her for you. LOL I'm easy, I get off on stuff like that.

Klynn said...

Well, it's obvious to me that you just weren't trashy enough for him. Though, I don't know if I'd harrass her. Not her fault that she's a skank ho. He's the one who decided to give up the thoroughbred in favor of the donkey. Definitely find a way to bust his bubble, though. Great way to get full closure on that relationship. Let him know that you know, and that you're doing better-than-fine without him.

Well-heeled mom said...

Tattoos and motorcycles, huh? P just didn't seem the type.

Cricket said...

Thanks for your comments. Obviously, I am trying to work this out of my system. It is easier b/c she's rather haggard because it is more obvious that I was not for him. When he met me, he wanted to date 'up' and go for a little class (as much as I hate tht word and concept.) This time, it's obvious he went for the fellow HS pothead. Now I am not holier-than-thou, but I do not look or act used.

I'd love to send her an email saying to contact me when it's over so we can compare notes.