Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ramble on

Beer, pool, and darts (excepting the movie - Bridge to Tarabethia - which really sucked) were so much fun on Saturday, we did it again on Sunday. J and I had had pre-parade costume checks on Sunday, were free earlier than I thought, so I called Ted to meet us at a pub to watch the race. (Mark MArtin was robbed! What a great ending, though.) Like the day before, it was a small enough place that J could wander between the darts, pool, and video games.

My son is pretty good at pool and at one point a guy sitting at the next table over passed by and told Ted, "Your son is so cute." I think Ted enjoyed that.

Ted is wonderful with him, despite not having kids himself. I like the way he talks to him and goofs off with him. After Uncle Fester and Luke were so standoffish both physically and emotionally, it is a welcome change.

With our established trust, Ted has evolved from being a self-described asshole (albeit a funny one) to being rather cushy and sweet. I've seen the inner Ted in the last week and feel privileged to be privy to it. I keep flashing back to it: his face on Sunday radiated such happiness and I was honored.

Of course, on Monday in guy-like fashion he denied all, or at least side stepped all he could. We'll see how it goes when I see him Wednesday, which he is already trying to downplay because of his anticipated week at work and late hours. I think he's nervous - not that different than P in that regard - about taking any next steps. I can wait. No biggie. I like guys who think enough t get nervous. P put me off for a good number of dates, too.

The parade yesterday was pretty cold, but not as cold as the day before, thank goodness. Once walking, it was pleasant. Ex came along and rode in the float/truck behind us. He'd put so much work into J's costume, I was glad he was around to see it.

As a huge bonus, he said he ordered me a digital camera to replace my one that went fuzzy in January. He said he values me taking pictures of J, so he wants to support it. In fact, he got me a Canon, the brand I'd researched, but he got me an even higher model that 'd researched - something like 10 megapixels instead of the 5 I was willing to buy. It should arrive today or tomorrow and I am very grateful.

He and I were on the same wavelength for the payback. He said he wants to join the Old and Esteemed Men's Organization and wants me to research his lineage for it. He can join about a dozen different ways, so it'll be a lot of research choosing the easiest line and getting there.

We were on the same wavelength because I was wanting him to spend $300 on Y Chromosome DNA research to confirm which Cricketson line he descends from. Having that data is instant genealogical success, particularly because I have so much Cricketson research done.

Alas, the camera first. And lineage research instead of Y chromosome, for now.

One good piece of news about the camera is that there is an accessory that makes it an underwater camera, so it'll be very handy on the cruise.

On today's docket:
I am taking my 18.5yo cat to the vet this morning for the first time in almost a year. She uses a daily gel supplement and a pill; both just ran out and they wouldn't represcribe without seeing her. She'll also have bloodwork done to evaluate her kidneys. And we will decide whether subcutaneous fluids are necessary yet. She lost weight in December, but has remained relatively healthy, although her strength seems to have decreased due to her lower muscle mass.

Jeez, I love this cat.

After that, I have biofeedback.

After that, I may hock the ring. I have not had a 2-3hr segment w/out son to be able to do it. The alternative would be to call P at work. Despite what anyone says about the mechanics of the call, I deserve to know about the health issue for my future reference. Because I have even written out a script, I would not call to chastise him for his decisions, would not even go there because that is not where I am. Despite how I tried, I could not make a silk purse from a sow's ear and they seem like two perfect sow's ears together.

ETA: Have you seen this - born 10oz/9.5" in October at 21w 6d and she's going home today a normal child. Wow.

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DD said...

That was rather a sweet gesture of ex to get the camera. Yes, I understand that it's to be used to capture the time he is not with J, but it's sweet nonetheless.

I'm still anticipating this phone call to P. If it weren't for the health issues, I would have totally chickened out by now.