Saturday, February 17, 2007

Best teaser title ever

Doctor plays whack-a-mole on Bush's face

Pretty bad so many people fantasize about smacking the President.

Ted is a CSPAN junkie and rails on him constantly. I laugh because I'd cry otherwise.


This irritates me... Report: Prince Harry due in Iraq

Soldiers don't need entourages of the Press. It's dangerous on a lot of levels. I'm not saying he'll be treated differently militarily (probably so, though, don't you think?), but I do think he'll stick out like a sore thumb and prove to get himself and others killed.

That was ex's mantra in the military: don't get anyone killed.


I tried to call P again yesterday, but I guess his country ass was still at home. When you are not motivated, even having an SUV doesn't matter in getting to work in the 1" of snow/ice, even if 2/3 of the ride to work is done via train. I'm sure that SUV worked just fine going on beer runs, though.

I remember that one of the perks of this job was having all the lesser holidays off, too, so I know he won't be in on Monday. Tuesday makes it a full week trying. I will not be swayed.


Yesterday: I think I chose the cruise, if I can get my mother's approval. I would seriously like the 7-day one from Barcelona to Rome, but alas she's balking on the airfare. What a total bitch! heh

We've both done Western Caribbean before, so I just looked for "Other" Caribbean w/out Bahamas. She insists upon a balcony. Man, that's uptown. Last cruise had the rowdy Kindergartner, the moody teenager, and the horny adults in a single room with no window. I am truly moving up in the world.

In fact, not only did I choose a cruise, I have researched all the excursions and have that roughly mapped out, sort of alternating snorkeling with island tours. However, there is now a zip line canopy tour down there and we'll do that, too, like we'd done in C.osta Rica. And stingrays, like Grand I'm glad she's active and healthy and we can do touristy things, but I'll probably find a way to break her hip.

My passport expires next month. Need to take care of that.

I can only imagine how much I'll miss my son, the bugger head.


Last night: Ted and I were on the phone twice. The first time was as he was leaving work; it's a good distraction for the ride. Second time was two hours in the late evening. I'd brought up my girl crush, Dita, to his horndog ass, so I emailed a dozen links during the first conversation. Pauvre petit, he only knew about Dita, had not experienced the full Dita. Anyway, the second conversation's main topics were Dita, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, and architecture. We are an eclectic pair. I learned I need to study up on James Madison and he on George Mason.

Today: finally spending this kid's $15 gift card at Toys R Us, getting Betta Janie some real foliage for her bowl at the nearby Petsmart, darts/pool/beer at the chili place, and perhaps some laser tag at the place in the same strip mall.


J finally woke up just now and asked me, "Did I tell you what I found while I was sledding yesterday?"

Me, thinking a penny or something, "No?"

Proud J responds, "I found a piece of ice that looks like Australia."

He makes me roll, my eyes are watering. We are such geeks.


It sure feels good to have a life again. Maybe the biofeedback is working.

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Thalia said...

Cricket, maybe the difficulty getting through to P is a good thing. I can't imagine you are going to get any satisfaction out of the call - he isn't for you, as he has demonstrated in multiple ways, and my guess it the phone conversation will therefore give you no satisfaction at all, in fact it will probably make you much angrier. Is it worth it? He's worthless, you didn't want him any more, he's gone now. I can't help but think you are better off without him, a long way away, with no more contact. Let this thing go.