Saturday, April 12, 2008

Approaching Angela

My baby's growing up.

Yesterday when he came home from school, I went through the usual drill, asking what happened at school, homework, papers returned, regular stuff.

He answered about everything, then looked serious as he sat on the bed and whispered that it was kind of embarrassing. My mind skipped ahead to the teenage gamut of pregnancy and STDs, but I pushed that aside and asked what he needed to talk about. I had the distinct feeling of skating on ice, wanting this to go well.

He said he wants to ask Angela to be his girlfriend. I asked him what it means to have a girlfriend in the 4th grade - playing together on the playground, eating lunch together, what else... He listed a few other classroom things and I asked him what he likes about her. Going all smushy and cushy, he said he thinks she's pretty and likes her smile and her dark hair with blond highlights. (Can't believe the fashion sense on that last part; maybe I shouldn't have him watch makeover shows when he's grounded from the Military Channel.) He also is tuned in enough to know that she's doing flirty things with him that let him know that she likes him.

Another girl liked him a few months ago. She was pretty forward and he picked up on it, but wasn't interested. Now he is. Guess he's discerning.

I asked if he'll get her phone number when he talks to her. He looked kind of surprised and I told him I wish he didn't inherit my way with the phone.

Then he asked if I was happy that he told me. I told him that I was thrilled that he trusts me so much, but I could tell he'd already made up his mind and was just letting me know. And that's just fine, too.

Later, he asked me when he should ask her. I thought about it and replied that lunch would be good, that way the teacher won't be interrupting, but the downside would be lots of classmates around. It is really something you ask in private.

He also mentioned that he told his best buds, the Bangladeshi brothers.

After that, we walked with Norma. Just before going out, he asked if he could tell her. Of course. I believe he's shouting it from the roof tops! When he told her, she said he should write her a note, something she could put to her heart and cherish. I saw his face drop, so I told her she was making it too complicated. He piped up, yeah, too conklicated. I laughed and suggested a thank you note afterward.

He's really mulling this over and I can tell he's really excited about the prospect. With this shy creature of mine, I'd wondered if he would ever approach a girl or even accept the approaches of a girl taking the lead. This bodes well. I may have grandchildren one day!

Please be gentle, Angela!


Aunt Becky said...


That's so sweet!

Well-heeled mom said...

Oh boy. I taught third grade so I know these things happen and it's usually no big deal. But - I'll never be ready for it.

Monica Cassani said...

very have a darling boy.

Anonymous said...

In fourth grade all I cared about was KISS and Star Wars. Girls were yucky back in those days.

It seems like the kids are getting older at a younger age these days. Good thing/bad thing.

Klynn said...

Aww, so sweet and innocent.

TJ came home crying yesterday. Her best guy-friend (who she was actually kind of crushing on) told her he thought he was obsessing over him (and he has a girlfriend) and told her to fsck off (in those exact words, I think). TJ said she ripped off her necklace that he'd given her a guitar-pick charm for, threw it at his feet and spit on it. (not that she's dramatic or anything...sheesh!) *sigh* Oh the "fun" of teenage angst.

It sounds like J is going to be a sweet, considerate guy. I hope she treats him kindly, because I'm pretty confident he will be good to her.

Klynn said...

Er..."told her he thought she was obsessing" Sorry about the typo.

Tara said...

Aww, that is so cute! If he's shy, it might actually be easier and less "conklicated" to pass her a note. I wish him the best of luck with Angela!

brite69 said...

That's so cute! When the boy was in kindergarten ALL the girls in his class(like 5. he's only ever had 11 kids in his class) were his girlfriends. LOL

I had boyfriends in elementary school. In fact, my ex-husband and I were boyfriend/girlfriend in 5th grade. LOL We held hands all the time at recess and we kissed at my birthday party that year. Just a quick little peck on the lips, but I thought it was just SO grown up. HAHA! I sometimes wonder if that innocent little squishy feeling I had for him back then is part of what blinded me to all of his stupidity when we started dating again when I was 19.

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job of keeping the line of communication open for him to use with you.
This is so IMPORTANT in the teenage years. You done good!
Such a handsome young man too!