Monday, April 07, 2008

Here's some hair

I was going to to a little study of the various hair accepting donations, but this blogger's done such a good job, I'll just refer you there.

Because they don't make a big fuss over gray (accept 5% gray) and they'll take 8" of hair, whereas the rest require 10" or more, I think I'm going with Beautiful Lengths. My hair is mostly one length, but there are some layers toward the bottom. Right now, the longest layers measure just over 10", so I am pretty much good to go.

Over the weekend, I began looking at hairstyles online. I'm not much for upkeep, but we'll see how I maintain it ... or begin on another donation path.

I tell ya, I am impressed with how much there was to see online. Here's what I found. I'm not sure which I'll go with or if I'll wait another month to get more length in the back for myself to keep, if needed. Okay, I'm trying not to go there to the non-donation thought pattern, but I got so many compliments on my hair Saturday night. All I did was blow dry it a little straight. But it is driving me a little crazy and I am ready for a change.

I like that this doesn't have too many bangs and that it looks almost medium length with short hair. It doesn't take too much to style it, either.

This is similar to the first, but like like how squared it is at the jaw. Also has few bangs, bit it might require more length in the back than I'll have. It looks like it requires hair to be thinned a lot, which would make me happy.

The next two are very similar, but this one has more length in the back and I probably wouldn't style it like that. I like that it doesn't have bangs. I have such a high forehead that bangs have to be really long and they they don't hold a style. Plus, with my hairline high and going back a bit, bangs are almost like a comb over. And with my oily skin, bangs absorb it quickly. Jeez, I sound attractive. At least this style can make good use of my ears. I don't know if I can break my hair over the ears habit, but this supports it.

This is a good long short hair cut. I like the length on top, although for me and the thickness of my hair, it can get a bit heavy and I really suck at styling the back/top of my hair. (If you do that, how do you do that?) I don't really like the tendrils coming down on the right side of her face, but I really like that it doesn't have heavy bangs.

I like how impish this looks, but I think I probably won't have that much hair length in the back and I know it wouldn't curl like this on its own. I'm oddly picky that I don't like MY hair to stick out and, at the same time, don't like it plastered to my head. Love either on others, though.

This one is probably a little long for what I have left, but I like it. I like haircuts that are squared around the jaw instead of tapering back.

So what do you think of these? How do you choose a hairstyle? What are things you like and what are you fighting on your head?


Aunt Becky said...

My hairstyle is boring. It's either long or shorter (like chin length). I'm highly boring, and prefer to dye it funky rather than cut it funky.

The pictures are freaking adorable, though. I love the style (but I'm not brave).

Brigitte Ballard said...

Right now my hair is long... I am growing it out again. I tend to go in cycles of growing it out and then cutting it short and donating it. Although short for me is longer than any of the hairstyles you had here.

Donating is great! I will probably keep my hair long for awhile this time though. I've sent it in 4 times already...

Anonymous said...

I like the first one best...enough to think, hmmm...maybe I'll try that next...

I just got my haircut on Wed. It's a bob with spikey ends and the front of it squares off the jaw like you like. I have bangs and I look better with bangs...I always go for no-styling hair dos...I can't handle having to style my hair at all.

laura b. said...

My favorites are the first and the last ones. I think donating your hair is very cool.

Anonymous said...

"high and tight"

I range from short to really short. Almost scalp on the sides, a little on top. Old school and low maintenance.

I spend more time messing with the pattern of my goatee.

What is this week's word? for the scavenger hunt.

Well-heeled mom said...

I like the first and the last. That longer reddish one - is that Pat Benatar?

I wish I had the nerve to choose a new hairstyle. Mine doesn't vary much, and hasn't for 15 or so years.

Anonymous said...

I like the second and the last one best.

Cricket said...

Thank you so much for all the feedback!