Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Door

It's time for the word, "door." In looking through my picture collection, I found so darn many doors, it was hard to weed them out, so I am going for some of the most impressive doors or pictures of doors.

This one is impressive not only for its location, but for its quantity. It shows an exterior door, a bathroom door, three closet doors, and an adjoining room door. And my bathing suit and skirt.

This sliding door is impressive simply for its view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Model train displays are great for so many reasons to include house doors, garage doors, and vehicle doors. I notice, however, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile doesn't have a driver's door.

Here's J painting a school project showing the shower door, the bedroom door and two bathroom doors.

This door is impressive. I loved the architecture and color so much, I probably took two dozen pictures. It connects the fort to the river beyond.

Because the architecture around it matters so much, this door wins the quaintness award. It belongs to the Caretaker's Cottage on the estate of a local garden.

This door is most impressive and will only increase in impressiveness with whomever lives there next year.


Anonymous said...

You out-doored me on this one. I thought I did a lot of photos this week.

Good variety as always, well done.

laura b. said...

You always have the best pictures, Cricket! I love the fort/bridge door. That is beautiful.

Tara said...

Oh, I love that shot of your ship's balcony! That's quite a lovely view.

I'm with you on that architectural door. That would've fascinated me too.

Melissa said...

Great selection of door photos! Would you like to be the word namer for this upcoming week? I'm new to this scavenger hunt, so I don't know if you already picked a word recently. Anyway, please let me know, thanks!!

Cricket said...

Sure, Melissa. It's been a month or two for me.

Let me think on it until tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much!