Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby steps

I volunteered one thing the other night. I would get myself tested. Mentally, I will only go that far.

I will not deconstruct my wall and I will not get my hopes up.

In fact, I will hope that my eggs are past expiration. Perhaps that's an additional measure of closure that I can handle appropriately.

So now I am seeking a fertility clinic and dr in the DC area. If you have experience in such, please drop me a line or refer my question on. I am not up on the current batch of bloggers who might have knowledge.


Never in a million years thought I would put up a post like this after being left at the IVF alter by both a husband (1999) and a fiance (2005). Or that it would be a lesbian wanting it with me.


Kellie said...

Testing is a good place to start. Know what you're dealing with upfront, before you have too much invested. Which in itself is impossible because even getting to this point is a huge investment, I know.

Eggs are a funny deal - I remember a few years back the realization that my mother, who is 20 years older than I, had a lower FSH and could have been my donor. I could have given birth to my brother or sister, and my husband would have been the father. How's that for a mind fuck?

Good times.

Churlita said...

Baby steps are always good. Tread lightly, but definitely check it out.