Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13-ish stuff

The Wally estimate of $456 became $489. The add ons didn't match between the written estimate and the bill, different things on each one. Buying tires is rather irritating with all the variables. I got there a bit after 10:30 and, by the time he could give me an estimate, it was about 11. He said it'd be 1.5h. I gave them 1.75h and they still needed more than 30 minutes. So tires took three hours. Then I was stupid and left my house keys on the counter due to sticker shock, then it took an extra hour to complete all the driving. I fussed at myself about wasting the gas.

I had a frustrating day.

I'd gone to get my haircut with my regular stylist during the tire thing, although this is only the third time to cut it short. After she finished cutting, she said she made the decision to put more layers in it. Huh? I better like it when I do it tomorrow, as I'd asked for it to be extra short instead. I like it layered in a short wedge, not a long bob. I believe she altered the shape, plus she didn't razor cut the ends. Boo!

Lyd is quite excited to be getting on a plane tomorrow. We're joining the singles group for some Blues Saturday night. The birthday girl - I think she turned 37 - from Lyd's last visit is supposed to be coming, along with her 24yo new FWB, who is from the same dating website. If I didn't know better, I'd assume everyone from that site is getting lucky one way or another.

The girl friend has had some significant legal problems, or at least her last boyfriend has. When he came to visit a couple weeks ago, he got his 5th, count 'em 5th, DUI. He is an attorney in danger of losing his livelihood. Two were overturned, but he has two convictions. He never happened to mention this before and apparently he's up for some jail and/or rehab time. He's trying to get her to lie about what happened and she's trying to get him to pay for her car ($7K) and the parked car he hit, because as luck would have it, her check to her insurance had bounced because her ex's child support check had bounced. What a mess. She has an attorney, too, but I'm not sure if she has to be in court and face the loser. Recently, she went and got the FWB as a diversion for some stress relief.

Meanwhile, Lyd and I have had several very meaningful conversations, which has propelled us right along. I am being less uptight about letting myself feel what I'd thought was lost to my past. She is very patient, knowing what I feel without me having to say a thing. Actions speak louder than words. We have a good balance.

I asked her if she'd be interested in going to the nudist camp and she about swallowed her tongue with surprise. For me, the big deal would be taking my clothes off. She went more broadly, wondering if there's recreational drug use and just how far secluded in the woods we'd be, a la banjo music. I surmised that the couple we know is pretty straight up and that's why I trust the scenario. Also, the place is a member of the nudist camps of America-ish organization. I thought going would be a positive adventure/stressor on us, doing something together that stretches us both. Maybe next time. I mostly thought of her going, because I didn't want to go alone when the couple has invited me in the past.

Instead, we're going to the harbor and maybe an art museum. She's been wanting to visit this city, so I know she'll enjoy the sites. She is even up for the train museum. Yippee! More fodder for Saturday Scavenger Hunts. Funny, that's how I look at trips now - blog entries! Speaking of which, it may be sparse for the next few weeks, but I will catch up on the flip side.

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evil-e said...

My birthday falls on Friday the 13th every so often. The 13th always has a good feeling to it for me. I am Evil-E after all.

Sounds not so good for you.