Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Visitor a coming

Lyd made reservations today. She'll be here in about 10 days. She'll stay at a mutual friend's for a few days, too - the friend who was the birthday girl a few weeks ago. Lyd has family and friends a few hours from here and will rent a car for a swing through a couple states.

Because they decided to let school out two days early due to extra snow days, I have a couple extra days to entertain J. I decided to go to a few historic towns, roots of our country: Williams.burg,, and We descend from the first ship of Africans who arrived in in 1617 and I hope they highlight that at the museum, as they were considered to have saved the colony. We'll also go to a big water park near there and the next day go over to Mont.icello. J is very excited by that, as he descends from TJ's grandfather.

We are such history geeks, but I am thrilled my son likes to share things with me.

So, I'd told Lyd about our trip and she asked if she could come along. I needed to think about it, as I've been wanting a trip with just J and I. In the end, I knew she would enjoy it, too, and they would enjoy each other, so we're going to have a platonic trip around the countryside.

I am close to being back to where I was before the trust issue. She has been very mindful and considerate. Lyd is an incredibly thoughtful person and it mortifies her to alter someone's autonomy. I told her yesterday that she is a coconut like me, hard on the outside, but mush on the inside. I think I like her mush. Gosh, she is attentive, but balanced and considerate about it. My ad says something about being wooed mostly because I was tired of doing all the work and of moving to the hang out friends mode too quickly. Lyd, however, takes it to heart, as she is a caretaker through and through. It's nice to feel taken care of for once.

I will readily admit that I am holding back myself about her (and many things); I would like to take the governor off.


Aunt Becky said...

Have a lovely trip, Cricket. It sounds amazing.

evil-e said...

Have fun. Enjoy the company and the trip.

brite69 said...

I'm glad to hear things have worked out for the most part concerning her. I had been wondering about that.

Have a great trip! I'll be thinking of you guys and all the FUN you're having as I hole myself up in the base. :-/