Friday, June 27, 2008

Moving away and moving on

Yesterday I messaged Lyd that I wouldn't meet her today to get stuff, that I'd see her for a little while at the party. She messaged back that it was a long drive for me to the party and that she'd meet me half way. I didn't message back, but she was strangely insistent that I not go to the party and that I meet her elsewhere.

Of course, I will not be going to the party. I do not see being stabbed in a public parking lot to be worth $140 and a $1.99 key chain.

Later in the afternoon, the lawsuit friend called me to see how I'm doing. We had talked a little in chat through whispers. I think I am doing fine, all level and composed, although I am lonely and do miss her phone calls/that persona and other communications. I told her that I lied to Lyd via text, that I would not be at the party because I am afraid. She knows how Lyd likes knives. She offered to keep the things for me, but I don't want to put her in that position. I don't really care about the stuff.

She pointed out a few holes to Lyd's story, the differences in how she treats me vs. other people and how that pretty much negates any courtesies she extends me. I know she gets it. (In fact, my therapist feels it is a highly viable theory that Lyd was jealous of J.)

Soon this will be over.

Lawsuit friend had good news in that her DUI's boyfriend's insurance will be covering the damage to the two vehicles. That means he fessed up to his insurance. It also means he'll be doing some jailtime.

This weekend will be great fun in the workshop. I still have lots of art supplies to gather and I will be bringing my own art store, as usual. However, I know whatever I bring 1) won't be enough and 2) will be more than matched by a number of others.

Art geeks, gotta love 'em.

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evil-e said...

us art geeks are lovable...

Hopefully this situation of yours comes to a quiet end.