Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh What a Night

That song makes me think of my cute (second) cousin, Tony. He was about a year younger than me and about a year older than my sister. I think we both had crushes on him. It was very good to catch up with him at my grandfather's funeral 18 months ago, joking around amongst the graves like teenagers.

But this title is about last night. I have struggled with the sleeping med and waking up daily at 4am with me slicing off a tiny chunk of a 50mg. I was doing that because I'd become so groggy in the mornings if I took whole. Last night, weary of the short sleep, I decided to take all 50mg at 10pm. I was probably asleep at 11. I was wide awake at 1:15.

Thank goodness J started puking at 3 and I had something to do. He got everything on his bed, but shifted well to the toilet, where he spewed for about two hours. So much for the special t-shirt he tie dyed last week at school for Dress Up Like Twins Day today.

So far this morning, he's doing fine, but he kinda wants to go to school. Him staying at home means I have to share the puter with him, so I kinda wish he would go. (Bad Mom.)


evil-e said...

Puke stories are never good..

All over the bed? ewww

Val said...

You plagiarist you! [just kidding ;-)]
Sorry to hear about your rotten night, the malaise is piling up on me too where I may actually have the nerve to have the Separate Bedrooms talk tonight...