Friday, December 24, 2004

Blue Light Special on FSH

I talked about getting an FSH bloodwork order last week, but I still have 3 or so weeks to wait to use it on Day 3. I really need to know if I am over the hill sooner than that, kind of as a bad omen for the New Year, I suspect. (I hate when I am fatalistic.) Then maybe I can make resolutions based on what's real instead of perceived or desired.

I am considering Menopause Monitor by Estroven for in the mean time. Their site states:

As women approach menopause, their FSH levels will gradually increase. Once FSH
levels reach 25 mIU/ml, women are considered to be experiencing perimenopause.
When they run out of follicles (eggs) capable of responding, their FSH will be
high, and they will stop having menstrual periods. Women in menopause usually
have FSH levels above 40 mIU/ml.The Estroven Menopause Monitor will detect and
give a positive result if a woman’s FSH level is 25 mIU/ml or higher.

The enterprising local KMart today carried it for $19.99. I'm not sure about wasting my money on it, mostly b/c it seems too good to be true and I've never heard of it. Has anyone else used it? I figure it is a hell of a lot cheaper than having a blood test that won't be covered by insurance. The manufacturer claims to score comparably with blood tests, but they do not say use it specifically on day 3. Instead, they say to use the 2 tests enclosed about 1-2 weeks apart.

To me, knowing that my FSH is below 25 mIU/ml would be very meaningful; if below, I'd consider continuing with the blood test. If high, I'd know hope is lost.

The FAQ answers simple questions about cycle changes and menopausal symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, and irritability. Nowhere does it mention using the test to gauge fertility in a pro-fertility way. The the FAQ does say, "This test must not be used to determine fertility. Do Not make contraception decisions based on the results of this test."

That's kind of funny, not that I'd want to do the test to see if I could stop using birth control.

I can say that this is a potentially positive test that I don't want.

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