Friday, December 10, 2004

An ocean of what?

I did enjoy Oceans Eleven, but it wasn't really a stand out for me even if it was an above average remake. Films that are so polished and big-named, well, they don't exactly turn me off, but they bring things down a notch. When you compound the common sequel phenonemon of toning things down a couple notches further, they shift to the 'only if I catch it on TV' file. This happened for me with Matrix; I still haven't seen the 3rd installment, only having caught the 2nd on TV.

I am warmed to see Oceans Twelve being rated at "Fresh" at RottenTomatoes. At 63%, it isn't up for the Academy, but it could be respectable enough to see. I read recently that it is so slick that is is sickening, but I may take the chance.

It stars a bevy of brightness. Let's review.

George Clooney - yummy, quirky, responsibly irresponsible, I actually respect him, talking here about his age
Julia Roberts - discussed her of late and I never understood the America's Sweetheart halo; am baffled by her self-proclaimed over-achiever title where by, in comparison, a mere one baby must belong to an under-achiever
Matt Damon - just be glad, bud, to not be attached at the hip to either Ben A. or Greg K.
Brad Pitt - his versitility is inspiring, but I will always love a River Runs Through It
Catherine Zeta-Jones - I abhor her; I think Julia runs neck and neck on the bitch scale with this one
Don Cheadle - I love him and I would like to see more of him
Vincent Cassel - ?, will have to look him up
Andy Garcia - he's the entire reason I'm writing this post, I could devote pages to his presence, both with his genteelity and with his passion, as well as his face, eyes, smile, hands...
Carl Reiner - is he the token ugly, old guy?
Elliott Gould - no, he must be
Scott Caan - we're so lucky to have the 2nd generation thang going
Bernie Mac - who also deserves a post to himself; Bad Bernie was perfect in Bad Santa
Casey Affleck - who I suppose isn't technically 2nd generation, but might as well be

So who might float your boat or raise your blood pressure?

I have the kid this weekend, so it'll be no adult flicks for me. Maybe we'll finally get to see Johnny Depp's Peter Pan.

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