Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Naked Twister and other games

'Naked Twister' Broadcast Nets FCC Fine

'The commission said the "Naked Twister" broadcast dwelled on descriptions of female genitalia and breasts in an explicit and graphic manner.' There are Howard Stern wannabes everywhere.

I have considered purchasing Twister for my son. He played the cub scout (clothed) version recently. Someone brought a towel with the game board printed on it. It is great for making others look stupid. Good clean or dirty fun, I guess.

As far as dirty fun goes, I would enjoy getting Fore-Playing Cards, Sexdrive, or The Sex Game. P and I do have these silly dice, but we don't use them very often. My dad had some playing cards like these stashed high in the kitchen cupboard. I would get them down and look out of curiosity, thinking my essentially asexual father a pervert. Now I know that I'm so much worse.

Back to the good clean fun side... I come from a game-loving family. Growing up, we often played games around the family table. We liked Life, but my mother's favorite was Aggravation - fitting, huh? When we weren't gaming as a family, my parents would sit at the dinner table with its vinyl tablecloth and play cribbage, drinking a pot of tea. I love cribbage, but I've never played it since, haven't found a partner. I did try the online version, but it was more cut throat than I what I remember as I sat in an orange- and avocado-colored kitchen.

My mother's family was big into Yahtzee. I learned to count and multiply playing it. Wonderful for all ages, it also helps to teach poker skills, although poker faces are not required. I have the junior version for J, so he's getting indoctrinated already.

Mille Bornes was another favorite at home; it's one of those games that you either love or you've never heard of it. It was especially fitting when I was taking French and learning to drive. The best part, of course, was being able to declare, "Coup Fourre."

I always buy J games as gifts. He got Battleship for his birthday and we love to play it together. He likes it so much that he wanted the hand-held version, which I got him for Xmas. He has a new Connect Four, too, plus more electronic stuff. I've tried keeping him from the electronic form of gaming, but it is becoming impossible.

The Connect Four game idea came from his therapist last spring. Using play therapy, she dove into my son's psyche and told me that he is so advanced in some areas, when he acted like a 6 yo, I didn't know what to do with him. He'll forever connect Connect Four with that nice lady who played games with him.

The favorite game of my ex and I was What Were You Thinking. We'd gone to a couples game night at a friend's and got hooked. I bought it for ex one year for his birthday, so he got it in the divorce. I am considering replacing it, b/c it is so easy yet so much fun.

I could go on and on, but I'll pause this time. What are some of your favorite games?

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tammy said...

I love taboo and balderdash. I just bought Hubby trivial pursuit 90's edition and that was great. We had alot of fun playing that. I also really like Gesstures. I love board games and games night.
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