Friday, December 10, 2004

Guns and Posers

Gunman Kills 4 at Ohio Heavy Metal Show

Of course, this is the band L saw with her mother a few weeks ago.

See reaction from Ozzy and other metal heads here.

I think Dimebag's hosebag followers should be happy somehow. Now we have the mention of the honorable name of "Dimebag" in every household. He's more famous than ever. It is every rocker's dream. They'll be in league with Nirvana.

Besides, I can imagine choosing "Dimebag" over "Nicklebag" as a name, but why not think big and choose "Quarterbag" or "Dollarbag"? Am I missing something here? I learn it isn't Dimebag, the direct result of it a measurement system for various types of drugs, it was instead from him being called Diamond Darrell, which was shortened to Diam, which morphed into Dime and Dimebag. Apparently, all this DB trivia was on the Damageplan website, which has itself morphed into a tribute site.

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