Sunday, February 20, 2005

Cramps on your block?

This evening I was watching a cheapo DVD from 1989, January Man. The flick was alright (2 of 4 stars), mostly b/c I like Kevin Kline so much. The best entertainment was to follow, tho.

I glanced at the credits, when to my surprise, I saw that the young girl Kevin saved from the fire was named Harmony Cramp!

Is that an oxymoron? Harmony Cramp?

I started looking further into Harmony's genealogy and, with the wonders of the Internet, found the rest of Harmony's Cramp family...

Olphelia Cramp
Phillipa Cramp
Regina Cramp
Cookie Cramp
Justine Cramp
Anita Cramp
Shirley Cramp
Robin Cramp
Fannie Cramp
Hope Cramp
Lottie Cramp
Ivana Cramp
Muffy Cramp
Wilma Cramp
Ruby Cramp
Sophie L. Cramp
Cherry Cramp
Flossie N. Cramp
Opal Cramp
Norma Cramp

Peter Cramp
Dick Cramp
Buck Cramp
Ben Cramp
Seymour Cramp
Mike Cramp
Noah Cramp
Dewey Cramp
Ray Jen Cramp
Phil Cramp
Dixon Cramp
Ceasar Cramp
Han Cramp
Dwight Cramp
Rob Cramp
Lance Cramp
Hugh G. Cramp
Elrod Cramp
Buster Cramp
Willie Cramp

Recognize anyone you've met? Did I miss somebody?

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