Thursday, February 03, 2005

For what it's worth...

I've decided to milk this chest (congestion) for all I can.

I hate doctors. I have to be dying before I'll go.

On most things, I figure, "Awww, it'll go away..." And it does. For example, I may still have behunker ovarian cysts or colon cancer, but, hey, I feel fine right this moment.

This is different, tho. Usually I think a chest cold (or whatever the fuck this is) will pass. With my asthma and lung congestion like this, I have to sleep propped way up and sleep is fleeting, but it's just life for me my whole life. It always does pass; I've never gotten pneumonia and I think I've only gotten bronchitis maybe twice.

I don't care for antibiotics. I have a non-asthmatic friend who will get sick the same time as me, go on antibiotics, and we still get well about the same time. I do laugh at her about it.

It's not that most antibiotics affect me adversely, i.e. I can tolerate them fairly well. Erythromycin did upset my stomache a few years ago when I was on it for a root canal. Besides that, they're fine. Hate me, but I don't even get yeast infections from them. I was once hospitalized for a whole week on mega death IV antibiotics and didn't get a yeast infection. (Maybe I have a funky chemistry and neither embies nor yeasties like me?)

Paying for doctors and scripts aren't worth it to me.

Not usually.

See, it is almost day 3 again. Last time with an FSH of 6, my preliminary dip into the ART pool, I realized there's more to uncover. As I said way back in the beginning of this blog, I seek peace and resolution on this matter that has haunted me for 6 1/2 long and painful years.

If the numbers and chemistry aren't there for me, then so be it, there's nothing more I can do. It is proof to give it all up. It gives me a complete picture to make better decisions.

So I'm going to the doctor with an agenda. I need refills on all my asthma meds, too. If I could squeeze it in, I'd even take a PAP from a GP (or Internal Med, I forget).
I'll try for an appt on Friday. I'll ask for day 3 estradiol, LH, prolactin, and progesterone. Maybe I'll throw in a repeat FSH for good measure. It should fall on Sunday or Monday.

And I will take it from there.

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