Friday, February 25, 2005

Have I mentioned

oh about a thousand times how much I hate going to the doctor?

I broke down and made an appt for J to see about his cough. I figure he'll get a pat on the head plus a suggestion for some OTC med and I'll get a bill.

If it were me in his shoes (and I'm pretty much there), I wouldn't (and am not to) be going to the doctor. Green. Schmeen. Sheen. It'll all pass.

I'll admit that I have to tow the line for some of Grrl's drive by mothering. J is with ex this weekend and I can't fuckin listen to him telling me how to raise J or act like I deny him vital things. His wife is the Martyr Mom (tm) and that makes it worse. They have this pseudo ideal of parenting and it has nothing to do with reality.

I'm still working on my Warner article/book reaction, but the bottom line to me is the sad situation of the Martyr Mom (tm) with her masochistic self-sacrificing ways which she thinks elevates her about all other parents. Sad, I say. Sad.

To me, over medicating is much worse than under medicating. Gunk passes. Antibiotics are for 10 days - so they last even longer than the gunk!

I know how lucky I am that J is a healthy kid. I would not do well with frequent doctor visits, even if I deemed them appropriate.

The art of parenting hangs out at fences a lot. Sometimes you're on one side, sometimes the other. And sometimes you have to find comfort straddling the damn thing as it pokes you in the ass.


Julianna said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Thinking of you.

Cricket said...

Thanks, Julianna.

I feel better, but not best. I haven't had such lows in years and the rebound isn't as quick as I'd prefer.

I have been focusing so much on art and art supplies and my son's burgeoning art career (ha) (plus him in general seeings how he spent all of 2 hours in school this week between holiday, snow days, and illness) that I haven't been motivated to write much. However, I have been motivated to get out of bed and to shower and to grocery shop, so I've definitely got the basics down.

Still looking for that other half of my sense of humor, tho. I have faith it'll come 'round.

I need to stray off Bloglines more - reading everything there makes me tend to comment less and to follow a comment thread almost not at all.

Thanks for asking. And congrats on your sense of peace. I aspire still.