Friday, February 04, 2005

Ossie, Ruby, and Guy

I enjoyed Ossie Davis.

I'm so sorry he's died.

What a power couple, he and Ruby Dee. Success on many fronts, to include his son.

That youngin', Guy Davis, got some story-tellin' genes in him. He can whip up a tale with mouth organ, hands clappin', fancy guitarin', and hearty foot stompin' - stirred all together with a sawdust voice both ticklin' the rafters and pulsatin' the dirt.

I have Guy's Chocolate to the Bone, as in: She's a big hipped mamma / Chocolate to the bone / Come to meet the train I'm on / Honey Baby, love ya 'til the day I die.

His Shortnin' Bread and Railroad Story are two of the finest and most inspiring upbeat blues songs I've heard, great for kids, too. On the raunchy side, I can't complain a bit about Back Door Man and Sho 'Nuff Satisfied. He has a naughty voice, very seductive. Take a listen at the Amazon link.

Celebrate the Davis family however you may. A real American tradition. They deserve it.

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DeadBug said...

He was a remarkable man; I'm glad he got to enjoy such a long, productive and instructive life.