Saturday, February 26, 2005

Thanks to Dawn

I had been meaning to look up the booster seat recommendations and Dawn just blogged about it, providing a link even.

My son goes through spells of preferring the second row to monopolizing the third row of the van. A few months ago, he shifted to the way back and the booster seat never made it.

I don't think I ever mentioned here before that I drive a van. It was a tough decision, but a good one. I got the safest one on the market. And don't you fucking ask that anti-SIF question, "Why do you drive a VAN if you ONLY have ONE kid?"

With J's visit to the doctor yesterday (he got antibiotics and an inhaler - and ex was unexpectedly there for the appt, so I allowed him the privilege of paying for the visit and the scripts!), I learned that he's 49" and 56 lbs. Early last summer he'd had a bout of poison ivy necessitating a dr visit and he came in then at 47 1/4" and 49.5 lbs around June. I knew he'd done some serious growing, had no idea how much: almost 2" in 8 months and almost 7 lbs!

Now I have no head-in-the-sand booster seat excuse in relation to Dawn's post and link.

I learn J's booster seat category: 4 to at least 8 years/unless they are 4’9" (57") tall.

He has 6 months or 8" to go. I figure the 6 months will happen first.

I feel for him, tho. He's so tired of the booster seat. He has the kind that is like a lounge chair instead of the little seat-only bottom kind. I think it is a nice one, comfortable, but with such a stigma now.

Although it may not sound like it, he's always been remarkable about being in seat belts. He wasn't a sneaky toddler trying to get out. Even now, he puts his seat belt on, no matter whose car he's in. He's very disciplined about it, one thing I don't have to worry about.

Honestly, I think he's anal, b/c he's so much better about rules like this than I am. But I was the one letting him slide about the booster.

Maybe I should go look up the law instead of the recommendation.....

Humph. Around here we're just required to use a car seat to age 5. I'm glad to know I haven't been breaking any laws.

Now to the dilemma of mom enforcement....

B/c that booster ship has sailed!

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