Thursday, February 03, 2005

I heard it was happening with the big boys...

but they found me here, too.

Is blog spam a TOS violation? Help me out. (Cox Communications)
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3rd February 2005
12:41:39 AM
3rd February 2005
12:41:48 AM
3rd February 2005
12:42:09 AM

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Received: from ([]) by (InterMail vG. 201-2136-104-20040331) with ESMTP id


chris said...

Hmmm. I'd like to help but I don't even know what blog spam is. Hope it goes away, though.

Cricket said...

It's telemarketing in the Comments space of a blog; the spam went in the post previous to this one and I deleted it.

It's a step lower than troll.

It's going to get worse, as I wonder why it wasn't happening already.