Friday, February 16, 2007

Round up

Although school is STILL out today, I am going to try P at work again this afternoon, figuring his country ass would have to be dug out by now.

My son is making me buggy. He got out early on Tuesday, has been home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, AND it is my weekend for him, AND it is a holiday on Monday. This is rare, but cabin fever has given me the perception of too much of a good thing. That and he wouldn't give me his last god damned Valentine's cupcake, the shit.

Thank the good lord for NetFlix. We've watched Ken Burns' Thomas Jefferson (ex is a cousin to two presidents - Jefferson and Carter, and J chose to do his school biography on Jefferson, so I got the Cliff Flix), Down and Derby (about the history/mechanics of the pinewood derby and how it is really a competition between manic and maniac fathers, a laugh out loud good kid's movie), and Igby Goes Down (quirky with an all star cast, amazingly good and giving new definition to the "messed up" teenager.)

But they all go back out in the mail today and I won't get new until Tuesday. Withdrawals.

In the mean time, I am looking forward to tomorrow. My son and I are meeting Ted to play darts, perhaps pool. (Mine are virgin darts - I'd given them to Luke for Xmas, then uncharacteristically wanted them back upon break up in my quest to no longer worry about being the bigger person.) So, I am good at picking things for boys to do. I am also very surprised at how much I like Ted. I do not remember the last time I liked and admitted I liked someone to their face. I am usually cool, gathering information. I did that the first month, now I'm a bit smitten. Gosh, we are so much alike. I have also realized something crucial. I'll admit that I often do not respect men once I know them. Granted, Ted's a man's man and sees the world according to gender differences (sometimes accurately, sometimes not in my opinion), but I respect him despite that! Know why? Because he's taking care of his demented mother. She's a piece of work and he's doing the best he can. One cannot cultivate respect and I am glad to not have to try.

I am also looking forward to Monday. Although it'll be in the 30s, my son an I will be Revolutionary patriots on a float in a President's Day parade. We do know how to have fun around here.

Speaking of fun, I called my mother last night. She's 65 and went for financial consulting yesterday. Although she's not a money bags, she was told her taxes would increase next year with her SS and a small pension, so she needs to spend some money and make less money.

Guess her decision! To take me on a cruise! (But, shhhhh, don't tell my sister.)

Last night, I began researching what we could do in July.

Yee-Haw! I needed something to look forward to.


Shinny said...

I thought you were coming to Wisconsin to see me? Oh now I am broken hearted. :( sniff, sniff.
Dumped for a cruise? That hurts. ;) Have fun, if she needs to spend even more money I can be available anytime. (hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

A cruise! What fun! I never went with my mother, but it's a big ship and you can easily wander off on your own. I'm only basing this on spending a week on a boat in the ocean alone with my mother, and not on your relationship with yours!


Val said...

"I often do not respect men once I know them."
This strikes a chord w/me but I'll scurry off & try to compose my own post...
& wow, what fun to hear about the cruise! (Helpful hint: there's a couple who ship out of GALVESTON)

Cricket said...

If Wisconsin were closer and I could feasibly drive... otherwise, Mother paying does trump. Sorry. heh

You are not far off. She's the one who asked my 14yo almost step dau if her father always dated fat women. So, yeah, a week in shorts/bathing suits in front of her, scary. Will be uncharacteristically modest after showers, too.

I look forward to your post. It is something I only put into words when I realized that about Ted. I hope it isn't a fatal flaw for me. Often in dating, I have enough personality for the both of us, while I simultaneously dislike whimpy/backboneless men. Ted's a self described asshole and I really like his directness as well.

brite69 said...

Yeah... So, I'm pretty much ready to do some stabbing of Blogger. I can't get it to recognize my gmail account that I've had for pretty much ever. Grr...

I hope you're able to have fun on your cruise!