Friday, October 12, 2007


I am in need of some excitement and productivity. In other words, I am bored.

I keep trying to remember what I used to do to stay busy, but I can't. Instead, I wander around looking to stay occupied somehow. Granted, the mess my house stays, I should have plenty to do, but I want something FUN, of course.

I ramble, also, because the neurologist's appointment is in a week. I did find something that makes me think it might not be Parkinson's at this website:

Essential tremor is common in older people. Essential tremor is rarely present when
the hands are not being used. [This is definitely not my situation. My leg tremor is at rest.] It becomes most apparent when the affected person is trying to do something, like reaching for an object or writing. It is not caused by an underlying disease.

Another common type of tremor is called
familial tremor which, as the name implies,
tend to run in families. [I do not have a family history of tremors, though.]

Both essential and familial tremors may be suppressed by drinking alcohol. This is a
useful fact for making the diagnosis, but alcohol is not a desirable treatment.

So alcohol I will test. It will alleviate some boredom, too!

I remembered at the recent happy hour I hosted that I stopped shaking after I had a few beers, so I was drunk and happy, double smiles. I didn't think of it as a sign, but I will test that sign again this weekend - all in the name of science. J will witness mom getting sloppy with a bottle of wine, or enough to make the tremors stop.

Isn't this a good idea? Buying alcohol is a lot cheaper than buying prescription meds!

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Anonymous said...


Essential tremor (ET) is common in any age. ET is the most common
movement disorder affecting 11 million Americans. ET is present when the
hands are not being used, as ET can affect other body parts. ET and familial
tremor are the same. ET may be familial - hereditary or sporadic -

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