Thursday, October 11, 2007

This world

My son heard about it on TV while with his father last weekend. A kid was almost abducted less than a mile from our house.

In related news a few weeks ago, a 13yo kid across the street was hit by a routinely trespassing kid as the first defended the possession of his bicycle. He earned a concussion, but kept his bike. My son has explicit instructions to give up the goods instead of risking injury.

J craves playing outside. Our neighborhood has several courts and playgrounds, but he's now restricted to ours. Judging by how much skateboarding is going on nearby, I think others are in the same position.

At least back in our winding, protected court in our almost hidden neighborhood, I fear abductors less than on a larger road which is easier to maneuver. But I could be just fooling myself in this evil world of ours. Goodness knows, I don't need an increasingly paranoid ex.

However, I am so glad that first kid broke free of his abductors.


DD said...

Have you thought about getting J one of those firefly phones (the original)? It might provide you both a little peace of mind, even when he's just outside.

Shinny said...

I so know that feeling. When that creepo approached Alex. Thankfully he is locked away for the next 12 years at least.

It is really hard to let them out of sight after hearing news like that from your neighborhood. Hoping that nothing ever happens. Sounds like you have taught him to drop the goods and run like the wind.

Cricket said...

This kid did use his cell phone to call his dad and the police.

I had not considered one for J before. I don't think he's responsible enough. I also don't think he's forceful enough or aggressive enough to fend off attackers. He's entirely too polite.