Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pond reflection

This was painted on Tuesday, a rather gray day with diffuse lighting, the sky both dark and light at the same time. As I surveyed the park with the rest of my classmates seeking a spot to paint, I decided I didn't want to again do large masses of foliage like a big backdrop of trees. This led me to the pond and I saw this reflection of the sky amidst the lily pads, leaves, and rocks, so much seasonal decomposition. I wanted a painting to focus on the reflection, but also convey both the fall foliage and the lighting. I find it exciting how the way the composition leads my eye in a circular fashion from the large sky hole surrounded by dark edges, flowing around to the autumn decay of the pads and leaves. The reflected light became an unusual and pivotal focal point.

I think I did a great job capturing it. I may actually frame this one.
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DD said...

You should frame all your finished works. Of course I'm not one to talk...

It's wonderful!

brite69 said...

That is FANTASTIC! I think it may be my favorite so far.