Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bring it on

I got a call yesterday from the sleep study technician, saying that I needed to schedule the second part of my sleep study. I told him that I was unaware that there was a second part. He said that the doctors saw something in my first study a week ago that translates to another sleep study. This time I'd wear something... I interrupted and practically screamed that I am not wearing a CPAP mask to sleep. How on earth could I sleep at all during the test? He reassured me that I'd probably sleep better.

How pathetic is that? A poor technician is the messenger for some really bad news. I consider it anappropriate.

I didn't discuss the sleep study from last Sunday night here. It was beyond miserable. I had 22 electrode leads attached with wads of paste to my face and scalp. Each was taped down securely with gobs of surgical tape and, oh, did they hurt coming off in the morning. There was a hose under my nose and another sensor on my throat. Two lead to my chest, one to my hand. I had two belts around my torso and two leads to each of my shins.

And I was supposed to sleep.

As he was hooking me up, he asked if I snore. I said that I do to the point of having a sore throat if I sleep on my back. I had long ago trained myself to sleep on my side, so I no longer snore. He said to try sleeping on my back for a while b/c it would be good data for the study.

I bit. I am so pissed at myself for being so foolish and doing something I wouldn't normally do.

What if they're saying I have sleep apnea, but it is really only if I sleep on my back. Who cares then, right?

Further, as a result of laying on my back, but being very conscious of it, I never really fell asleep all Sunday night, even on meds, even if I later laid on my side. I was completely and absolutely miserable and when he opened that door at 5:05am to unhook me, I gleefully jumped up, ready to be free.

My father uses a CPAP. I refuse to spend $500+ on the machine, mask, and hoses, plus the cleaning and maintence of that crap. I refuse to get another bad diagnosis out of all this medical turmoil I already have.

I think sleeping on my back indicated apnea, but sleeping on my side didn't. That's my goal, to get them to break up the analysis on their testing. I need to develop a strategy for this week. Should I lay on my back? Should I even take sleeping meds? I'm leading toward no and no.

Oh, and my other goal is for it to only take 10 minutes instead of 15 to use a fine toothed comb and shower out the loads of that EEG paste. Yuck. Last week, I swore never again. Sucker!



Klynn said...

Bob did a sleep study a while back. They told him that he does have a mild sleep apnea when he sleeps on his back, but sleeping on his side was ok. This makes me assume that they do check for both, and they will let you know if you have one and the parameters thereof.

They wanted Bob to do a follow up, but he never went back. He had the same difficulty sleeping. His main problem was the strap they put around his chest. He has bad asthma, and the strap around his chest made him feel constricted. He was so freaked out by it he couldn't relax, even after they loosened the strap.

I don't see how they can ever get any accurate results from those sleep(less) studies. Maybe you should stay awake for 24-48 hours before the test, so that you're sure to pass out no matter what kinds of probes they stick to you.

As far as you going back for the follow up...yes, I think they can differentiate between positional apneas. Also, you have to decide whether or not the results/findings would give you valuable enough information to warrant the discomfort associated with the study. Good luck.

brite69 said...

My mom has/had a CPAP thing. SHe used to wake herself up when she snored cuzz it was so loud. I'm not sure if she still has it or not, though. After her hysterectomy she was put on a vent and she said after that, she hasn't had any problems.

Good luck! I'm hoping that whatever they think they saw was just a fluke.

Cricket said...

Thanks for both of your comments. It is good to know there is a gray area.

On the flip side, if wearing a CPAP geto me off of my sleeping med, it would decrease the chance of the tremors being bad.

Coin toss.

Apu Mridha said...

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