Monday, October 08, 2007

First canvas

This is my underpainting from last Monday. I'd intended to do a before and after with this week's addition of color, but I left it there to dry. Alas. Will compare next week.

Tomorrow is my plein air class. She's hoping for fog to do her deomonstration. I feel like I am double dipping when I see her demos, with me there as a pastelist and being outside. I learn so much.

She chose to go to the same place as last week, but I won't be allowed to do a similar painting. It is mostly water and boat views there, stuff so complicated that they don't interest me. I'll need to find a clearing of trees, maybe with a little water.

I haven't blogged lately b/c I haven't had anything interesting to say. Will try to do better. BTW, legs are still shaking. Friday, my psychiatrist said she thinks there are a variety of things that the neurologist will want to rule out. I hope she's right.
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Ron Southern said...

Oh, you need a few instances where you don't have much to say! Part of that might be achieving Calmness, and you know that can't be bad!

Signed, Rabbitty...