Friday, April 18, 2008

Feelin' Alright (uh huh)

Despite the cold, which is fine except in the mornings, I really have been feeling good lately. A little optimistic, even. As an analytical sort, I'm trying to figure it out, so I can do it again if need be.

I can come up with two potential things. Either the Armour Thyroid, which I began in December, is at the right dosage and kicking in or coming off giving up on the bcps provided a boost. Concerning the latter, I've had no bout of crankiness or self loathing this month. Yay! On the pill I was on for a month, Yaz, things were bad first week, a week before, and day of. You can see why I discontinued. The previous pills I was on for a year gave me a mournful weekend of antisocialness and self loathing, so much that I didn't leave home. I've had nothing at all like that this month going bareback, so to speak.

There is a benefit to the bcps, however. I like knowing the schedule and having it at 28 days. Off them, it will dwindle down to 22-23 days, will begin to gradually start, slowly stop, and generally take over my life.

Hey! As long as I'm feeling good!


Aunt Becky said...

Having your thyroid tweaked correctly makes such a difference, doesn't it?

Val said...

Man, BCP's (actually any artificial BC hormone; I couldn't tolerate the Norplant either!) really weren't nice to MY system, either.
Glad the Armour thyroid is working for ya, though ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling okay.

Monica Cassani said...

thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Tried to post this via Yahoo, but it bounced...................

Strangely, I seem to have forgotten my Blogger password. When prompted, it sends the reminder to my Google acct, which I never use and have also forgotten. I have to wait 24h to re-access Google to get that straight. Booger.

I used to post via Yahoo a lot, but it suddenly stopped working long ago. We'll see if it decides to work now.

The cough has continued, but I really haven't felt too bad. I very much appreciate you checking up on me. Call it blog overload. I found something else to do and I did it. That's not to say I didn't think about blogging, but I couldn't find what I wanted to say.

So what have I been doing? Well, I've been going to this chat room, as I mentioned. Some of the people I've met IRL, others not, but they know each other through various national events of our singles organization. Through them, I can get a little face-to-face action, because I do feel so isolated. In fact, I'm going to a party next weekend for which a bunch are flying in. It should be a blast and the human interaction is what I need. I think talking to them in chat will alleviate a lot of the ice breaking for the party. They probably know a lot of what is the real me, so I will probably be opened up more. It probably boils down to acceptance.

The tatted dyke is coming to town, too. She absolutely cracks me up, although she pisses a lot of straight laced people off. We've talked on the phone and she is coming to the party, so we'll see. I've been craving change in general and maybe this is one application thereof. She lives in CA and is a student and caretaker for her grandmother and parents. She is tied, I am tied, so I'm not looking for anything but laughter.

Now to see if this post will send...