Sunday, April 06, 2008

Still basking

in the afterglow of a really fun evening...and morning. Unfortunately, a delayed and progressing hangover is in the works. Sure wish I'd gotten groceries yesterday. I think I need a V8. ::konk::

I'll never look at a Prius the same again.

What a party.

Too spacey to type more just yet.

ETA: This comparison just hit me while in the shower. Imagine a buff Kenneth the Page saying, "Great tits!"


Anonymous said...

ahhh!!! what a tease you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Bask away.....

you have been tagged to choose the word.....think on this as well.

bask away

Val said...

Can hardly wait to hear all about it??!!??

Cricket said...

The picture tells the story, but instead of one big something in the hatchback, there were two. Like high school. But I'd never done such in a back seat of a car, so I felt due.

I just met him through the singles club. We hung out all evening and both stayed at the friends' who didn't want the many drunks to drive. I wasn't drunk at that point, but I took a six pack over to this after party and drank extra to celebrate.

He was hunky, but also very polite with blond, neatly parted hair like Kenneth the Page. He has two teenaged kids. He lives about an hour away on a river.

If nothing comes of it, fine. I had fun and am glad I finally loosened up for once!