Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take a look as this...

a Biggest Loser before and after comparison.

Wow. Just wow. They look incredible, great make overs, except those for whom a tan was required to seemingly look better.

Norma and I have been walking a lot. I know it's not the level these people did, but it feels good. I got the cruise gain off, need to get off the plateau. These pictures are definitely motivation.

More later.


Val said...

Rohr -- those brothers, Mark & Jay?
Baby, I could tag-team that!
I know what you mean about the workout-intensity thing... Yesterday I finally had the chance to put in ONE WHOLE HOUR at the gym; today I am paying the price w/a stiff back & a R hip that feels it's being jabbed w/an icepick!

Monica Cassani said...

where's all the loose skin? If I lost as much weight as the first woman I would be flapping all over the place??

(I might add I wouldn't be able to lose quite that much or I would cease to exist---all the more reason to wonder where are all the flaps?)

Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe how great Ali, Kelli and Benny looked.
Wish I could go do that.

Anonymous said...

I have never watched this show. I don't really get much into TV these days.

NoRegrets said...

Nice! I'm glad she won.

Anonymous said...

I watched a bit of the last show. It really put into perspective how much more effort I need to put into my own "challenge"

Also, I'm with Gianna...where's all the skin going? Or is that why the ladies look densely packed into the spandex after shots?

My biggest fear is that I'll lose the weight and have a skin apron and sagging boobs like a Carol Burnett sketch.